Let’s Improve How All Humanity Feels and Functions

We humans learn to individually and collectively increase our Consciousness, Energy, Joy, Love, Peace, Intuition, Enthusiasm! During workshops, I invite volunteers to experience… Scanning of various layers of the auric field to assess where cells seek to release trapped tension energies that diminish positive feelings. With permission, I touch your back to identify door-like portal reflexes eager to release low-vibe tensions to support recharging all cells with high-frequency Spiritual Love Energies. Portals selected support more energy flow through highway-like channels that carry Electro-Magnetic Energy, Nutrients, Oxygen, Water to all cells – from top of head to tips of toes — and support release of toxins. Conversation during sessions encourages Conscious Mind to learn the process. Subconscious is directed to continue processes after the session. Conscious Mind is invited to direct Subconscious to tune up all cells daily. Einstein Methods integrate an infinite number of Energy-Mind-Body-Spirit Exercises you quickly learn to do, based on Energetic Principles, to clear low-vibe tensions from Brain, DNA, Nerves, Neurons, Gland, Joints, Muscles, Organs so you experience natural drug-free euphoria of High-Vibe Spiritual Love Energy. Most people report feeling and functioning better! Variables affect individual results. Chiropractic adjustments are essential to assure vertebral alignment! Other factors affect differing responses: Adequate Sleep, Clean Air and Water, Colon Cleansing, Exercise, Healthy Thinking, Nutrient-Dense Foods, Recreation among them. I embrace the vision that a billion people will be touched for good by Einstein Methods over the next 50 years. To gain traction, workshops are offered to progressive Chiropractors, Counselors, Healers, Nurses, Naturopaths, Physicians, Therapists, everyone interested. Let’s Embrace Shared Vision: That a billion humans master our precious lives by learning to give our cells daily baths of High-Frequency Love Energy to support superb functioning and natural healing. It becomes impossible to play victim or perpetrator. Conditions improve for everyone on our Gorgeous Planet. Cosmos gives us Sacred Beings immense control over how we think and what we do to support everyone’s feeling and functioning better. We improve each day. Humanity discovers the grace of living in peace and harmony among ourselves and with our planet as a billion ordinary people choose to embrace Higher Consciousness to improve an achy, breaky world that must reflect our individual and collective commitments to progressive All-Are-As-One change.