What Does Your Heart Desire?

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Relax in Loving Spirit. What Does Your Heart Desire?

Einstein Methods Reiki (EMR) synthesizes at least 25 important modalities (therapeutic systems) – more accurately an infinite number, considering that Spirit presents something new in each session! EMR integrateOMAR #3 12 30 15s all three Dimensional Clusters: a) Spiritual / Energetic, b) Mental / Emotional, c) Physical!

Please identify the experience you prefer. Intention is Key! We usually begin with Level 1, then progress to Level II to honor your intention and energetic receptivity for going deeper.

Level 1: Feel Better, Function More Effectively, Heal Faster, Improve Relationships, Make Mental Sense of the Physical Nonsense of Your Life and Our World with Reiki… Polarity… Om-Free-Massage… NLP! Is it not an incredibly relaxing, empowering experiences. Tensions – stagnant energies that weaken — come flooding out across door-like portals we touch so that Einstein Reiki flows in to re-energize your every cell! (Your subconscious mind is directed to relax and OPEN portals along your most important river-like meridian channels to help “open you up energetically” from top of head to tips of fingers and toes.) Your every cell re-energizes from outside in and inside out if you’re not sedated with drugs or prescription meds, have minimal toxins, and enjoy superb nutritional support! Polarity balances off-key energies. The energy transactions of Om-Free affirm that you’re releasing blocked energies that weaken Mind and Body effortlessly! Massage soothes all cells “from skin to in.” See whether Einstein Reiki isn’t one of your best “massages” ever. You’ll go way higher on the Hawkins 1,000-point Consciousness Scale.

Level 2: Release Negative Energetic Karma as Level I Is Applied in Contexts of Personal Drama and Trauma. This is Psycho/Somatic (mental / emotional) work that supports lasting shifts so you may “launch as a rocket” to new levels of functionality without “treading water,” needing to revisit the same issues over and over. If you think you’ve never experienced anything quite so wonderful as Level 1, consolidate those experiences for awhile. You’ll know when you’re ready for Level II. Your expertise with Conscious Breathing will extend to the Breath of Unconditional Love, along with Einstein Acupressure. Subconscious Mind learns to release tension from specific portals and recharge through others to awaken all cells in between! We may apply Trigger-Point… Gentle Rocking… Guided Imagery with Lights and Colors… Metaphysical Exploration as to how each person creates her / his own realities… Level 2 is appropriate when you’re eager to release “forever” mental, emotional, energetic, physical “tight spots” in life!


Level 3: Ultimate Transformational Integrations in Mind and Bodywork! It’s easy to be “appalled” that not all negativities yield in a session or two. We’re on a life-long journey! Infinitely more experiences lie ahead. If Einstein Methods Reiki is your “cup of tea,” you may wish to have more sessions because you experience progress. Spirit-directed sessions “program” Subconscious Mind to a new, higher level of functionality and continues with ever-new Loving, Positive Direction. Level 3 is about continuing to integrate Levels 1 and 2 to see what amazing liberations Spirit has in store relating to Spiritual, Energetic, Mental, Emotional and Physical dimensions. The work evolves daily; check www.omarstouch.com frequently to discover new insights and practices. Tell us what you’d like. Let’s co-create your next session(s)! Among modalities that can be synthesized into sessions: Invoking the name of GOD/Higher Power… Aromatherapy… Auric Field Work… Toning… Tibetan Bowls & Bells… Rites of Passage… Facilitation of Emotional Releasing… Body Electronics point-holding… Cranial-sacral… Neural-Mental Release (NMR – similar to EMDR)… More, More, Always More! We will surely identify aspects of the interconnected matrix that contributes to the illusion that your “problems” and world “problems” are real. Biggest leaps in progress come to those who become proficient at releasing ego-based control over physicality — for at least a few moments on many exhaling breaths, accept by Leap of Faith that Everything Is PERFECT, to save energies of resistance, and to those to comply with suggestions to cleanse and super-saturate with various categories of essential nutrients.


Next Step – Mentoring at Workshops and Sessions, suggested for professionals and amateurs who wish to “power up” to work more effectively with themselves and clients. We offer occasional workshops – like the six-day Transformational Wellness Week scheduled in Hayward, Wis., the second week of February 2016, to support deeper integrations for personal benefit and practice working with others in five-person groups. You may acquire the ability to add soft verbal direction to Subconscious Minds during sessions, learn what to say to support healing and what NOT to say when you think a negative thought. You’ll acquire tools to transmute negative thought and behavior patterns to honor the precept that GOD/GODDESS IS INFINITELY POWERFUL and ALL LOVING. This is our First Faith! Our Second Faith is to believe that we are created in the Perfect Image of God / Goddess and are on a path to behave as Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, Mohammed would have acted during their special times on Earth.