Ways to Call in Higher Power

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Accompany the technique that you choose – 10 ways are listed at bottom of document — with a swinging techniques to mentally let go! A Swinging Technique separates your Conscious Mind from your Energetic Body to help you release ego-based attachments so the Highest Good shall be served, rather than your self-limited ego.

GLO ART #1 12 29 15Six Swinging Techniques

  • Conscious Breathing using the Breath of Unconditional LOVE.
  • Swing between Sun — representing the Spiritual Source of Infinite Light, Love, Energy & Power – and Dark Side of Moon, representing the weakness of physicality.                                           Art by Gloria Nelson
  • Swing Between Any Source of Light, ground (swing out) to Any Place of Darkness, such as an image, memory, thought, word, feeling in negativity.
  • Swing Between Sun & One or All Planets in turn. You know their names — Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus.
  • Swing from a Tight Point on which you apply pressure on your energetic body into the Darkness – out to the Light, back to the locked-up point.
  • Flip an Imaginary Switch Relating to a Tight Point that You Hold “On,” “Off,” “On,” “Off” as tightness softness  door-like portals throughout your Mind / Body open to release you from weak, locked-up tension energy.

After practicing swinging techniques, you can…

Call in Higher Power

Magnify the Power with a swinging technique:

  • Picture an Archangel and Affirm: I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!
  • Chant: Use primary tones — oo, oh, ah, eh, ee, and repeat a bunch of times
  • Decree: Pretend you’re an Archangel and Command That You LOVE One Another!
  • Fiat: Archangel Chamuel, I Open My Heart to LOVE, We Open Our Hearts to LOVE!
  • Sing a hymn you learned as a kid with childlike innocence. Make a Joyful Sound unto the Lord!
  • Invoke: In the Name of Jesus & through His Sacred Power, I INVOKE Helpers & Guides, Masters & Angels… COME! BE WITH US NOW! BE IN SYRIA! BE IN AFGHANISTAN! BE IN ISRAEL! BE IN IRAN! BE IN SAUDI ARABIA! BE IN THE US OF A!
  • Mentally Call in an Angel or a flock of Angels, Call in Jesus, Call in Buddha!
  • Pray: One of my favorite way to pray is – you guessed it — to weave Light into Darkness, telling my pineal, pituitary, etc. to relax so it enjoys both Light and Darkness!
  • Visualize SUNLIGHT flowing into one or several tight points that you hold on the surface of your body as LIGHT pours in on your each inhaling breath!
  • Name to Invoke Healing for … what do you want to heal? Talk to the Quarks, Electrons, Protons, Neurons, Cell Membranes, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Mitochondria, Nanotubes, Nuclei of whatever you focus upon healing.