Meeting the Needs of Others

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OMAR #15 12 30 15

  1. What does everyone in (town, city, county, state) need?
  1. What does almost everyone in (town, city, county, state) want?
  1. How can we develop the market / service relating to what everyone or almost everyone in (town, city, county, state) needs or wants and sell it to them at a bargain price that allows us to stay in business?
  1. What is / are the most efficient way(s) and least expensive ways to effectively sell our products and services?
  1. What is our action plan, that is… What do we do next?

Suggestion: Tapping into the nearly 2,500-page World Census Summaries, print the list of geographic areas that you wish to focus on, meditate on such questions. Meet and talk with associates and friends to improve probable outcomes.