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Self H.E.L.P. Key to Wellness:
The Golden Seven Plus One

Review of one of the most important books you'll ever read!

Learn a formula explaining cell life, and conversely, cell death! C. Samuel West, D.N., N.D., Chemist & Lymphologist -- the book's author -- approved this summary of key themes in its 319 pages. (Also presented are a few complementary points from Body Electronics, a holistic healing program developed by Dr. John Ray.) Read this book, published by Samuel Publishing Co., PO Box 1051, Orem, UT 84057. Hard-cover edition is $20. Learn...

  • Why aerobic exercise helps you feel good.
  • The importance of eating right (and the importance of supplementing)!
  • Why positive attitudes are essential to cell health.
  • Reasons Massage, Reiki, Polarity & other mind/bodywork modalities are so good!
  • How to support a natural death when your time comes.
Discoveries are based on years of research by Dr. West, one of perhaps only 70 lymphologists in the U.S., as to how trapped blood proteins cause death.

The "Golden Seven" refers to seven conditions that must exist for the body to produce healthy cells. Wrong habits of thinking, eating, and exercise lead to trapped blood plasma proteins (TPPs) inbetween cells. They interfere with the chemical balance required for healthy cells and produce conditions that, if uncorrected, decrease cell energy and lead to illness and death.

1. Every cell is an electrical generator, and produces an electrical field. The human body is electrical. Thought waves are electrical, as is energy for the eyes, etc. Muscles work by electrical impulses from the brain. Our health, strength and endurance depend on energy currents running through the body.

2. To keep cellular electrical generators going, (a) Cells must have oxygen to convert glucose into energy, and (b) Potassium inside cells must remain high in relation to sodium. Anything producing excess fluid and sodium around cells causes them to "drown" from lack of oxygen and upsets the delicate sodium-potassium balance in and around cells. This may explain why you feel tired after eating a big meal with too much salt.

3. For cells to remain healthy, they must remain in a "dry" state with only enough fluid to fill crevices around cells. Elevated pressure in the bloodstream, caused in part by eating too much animal-based protein, leads to the continual seeping of blood proteins through tiny capillary pores into the interstitial spaces around cells. These TPPs -- trapped plasma proteins -- must be continually returned to the blood stream via the lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system weakens, the TPPs are trapped in the inter-cellular areas of the body, and low energy results. If the lymphatic system fails, such as in a severe accident, rapid death may ensue. We now under-stand how the old Indian who chose to die rather than suffer disease would sit motionless and breathe in a shallow fashion to suppress his immune system. As you'll see, deep breathing is the key to activate immune function! He would die within 24 hours from conditions caused by trapped proteins...perhaps a natural way for us, too, to invite death when our time comes.

4. Trapped blood proteins attract excess sodium and pull water out of the bloodstream . This produces (a) Excess fluids, and (b) Excess sodium around cells. This leads to a lack of oxygen, which upsets the delicate sodium-potassium balance in and around cells. Loss of energy, disease, and cell death result. Trapped blood proteins on a moderate scale produce conditions that cause pain, inflammation, viral and bacterial infections, allergies, loss of energy, heart disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, polio, cerebral palsy, and every other crippling and killer disease known to mankind.

5. The Art of Lymphasizing (jumping in a percussive fashion) on a small rebounder (mini-tramboline)-- together with positive mental attitudes and good nutrition -- support the circulation of blood proteins, and good health. Physical inactivity, poor mental attitudes, and poor nutrition allow blood proteins to become trapped, leading to poor health. Deep breathing and muscular movement are an essential part of the art, because the lymphatic system has no pump like the heart of the cardiovascular system. People who don't choose to or are unable to exercise may use a small tramboline, which Dr. West calls a "lymphasizer." It's "like having a second set of lungs," he says. Using it properly activates the body's bio-electrical system -- and helps a person reverse injury and disease. The book explains how-to's in detail.

6. When trapped proteins reduce the cellular energy field, cells stick together or cluster, making it difficult for the lymphatic system to remove them. When a person injures any part of the body, poisons from damaged cells dilate tiny capillary pores. This produces a shock-like effect in that area. Trapped blood proteins result, with associated results: Reduced energy field (and loss of energy); fluid retention (swelling); lack of oxygen; and pain.

7. Trapped or clustered proteins can be dissipated or removed to help relieve pain, speed healing, and reverse injury or disease by proper use of bio-electric lymphasizing techniques together with other techniques specifically recommended by Dr. West, including...
a) Chiropractic practices and/or other methods of physical therapy.
b) Color therapy.
c) Deep breathing techniques, with or without a lymphasizer.
d) Electrical stimulation via various methods.
e) Homeopathic remedies.
f) Naturopathic remedies.
g) Other energy-producing therapies.
h) Special diets, colonics, distilled water, fresh juices, and/or food supplements to help
eliminate excess fluids and poisons.
i) Specialized services of a physician or surgeon.
j) Zone therapy or reflexology.

Iridology, urine, saliva, and other tests can be used to "read" the body and identify the degree to which one has trapped blood proteins.

A disclaimer from Dr. West: "Anyone who acts upon these discoveries does so on his own by applying his own free agency. At this point in time, these discoveries will not take the place of a surgeon or doctor, for there are times when specialized services are needed. But generally speaking, the doctor of the future, as Thomas Edison said, 'will give no medicine but will interest (teach) his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.' And I now know that a person cannot completely fulfill the role of the doctor of the future without a knowledge of how the blood proteins produce the conditions that cause loss of energy and death at the cell level."

The concluding points below also include insights and principles from Body Electronics. The effective application of Body Electronics, developed by Dr. John Whitman Ray -- friend, associate and one-time roommate of Dr. West's --complements Dr. West's system.

* Trapped blood proteins on an extreme scale can lead to death in a few hours.

* One feels the symptoms of TPP destruction -- including loss of energy and thirst -- in minutes!

* Eating too much salt in relation to potassium upsets the delicate sodium-potassium balance required for optimal cell function. This condition is "poisonous."

* Excess sodium outside cells upsets the balance inside cells.

* This upsets the sodium-potassium pump, which influences the rotation of sodium and potassium in and out of cells -- and influences the basic chemistry of healthy cell function, which produces the electrical generation that is key to the life process and cell energy.

* The delicately balanced distribution of minerals in and around a living cell accounts for its electrical properties.

* An adequate balance of all 60 or so essential minerals in colloidal form is required to produce the electrical energy necessary for healthy cell function and promote healing! The proper assimilation of minerals by the body requires enzymes.

* Medical researchers working with tissue cells know that cells can be kept alive indefinitely by maintaining the proper chemical balance in and around the cell and eliminating waste products from their metabolism. This appears to be a formula to live 100 years or more with ease!

* Unhealthy cells are characterized by fluid retention, lack of oxygen, and insufficient nutrients.

* Insufficient nutrients are in two categories: (a) Not providing the body with all 90 or so essential nutrients. (b) Not providing the body with adequate amounts needed for physical energy and to promote cellular health and healing.

* Deep breathing is important because the "tree-like" lymphatic system drains through the thoracic duct, which overlays the lungs. Deep, lymphatic breathing moves lymph and with it, releases TPPs from inter-cellular pumps, returning them to the bloodstream.

* The effectiveness of aerobic exercising is in part because it stimulates deep breathing, which activates the lymphatic removal of TPPs.

* The best way to pump the lymphatics is to engage in deep breathing while exercising aerobically. Examples of aerobic exercise include brisk walking, jogging, swimming...whatever moves oxygen. Next best way to move lymph is to engage in deep breathing even without exercise. Least effective way is to exercise without doing deep lymphatic breathing.

* Kerlian photography reveals the energetic effects of these various ways that activate lymph flow.

* Concerned about obesity? Blood proteins can cause fluid retention of three to 15 gallons of water, representing a weight gain of 24 to 96 pounds. A person with a tight cellular structure - as opposed to the obese one with a loose one - experiences the negative effects of TPPs.

* The optimal amount of water to drink is ounce per day per pound that you weigh! Gradually drink more water until you reach your optimal level. Drinking more water -- along with activating lymphatic flow -- will support your body in releasing retained water. (If it's tap water, pour it into a glass and let it set on the counter for at least 30 minutes before drinking. The chlorine will evaporate out of it.) * When we obey the laws of Love, Peace, Blessing, Doing Good, and Positive Mental Attitude, we are immediately rewarded with more cellular electricity and energy!

* Dr. West calls his program, The Worldwide Golden Family Self-H.E.L.P. Program.. H.E.L.P. stands for Health Education for Longevity and Peace!

* Painful and injurious effects of an accident can be healed "on the spot" by pressing hard on the point(s) where there is pain until the pain goes away! I once fell on my hand and thought I had injured it severely. The pain was severe. My first thought was that healing would take weeks. My second thought was, "But I've read Dr. West's book -- and I'm working with John Ray's Body Electronics program. Since I knew how to hold points and was committed to taking all essential nutrients in adequate amounts each day... My quick reaction was to press hard on the point that hurt most. After more than an hour of sustained acupressure, the pain was gone! Total mobility was restored! No soreness or swelling. The only sign of injury was black and blue markings because of ruptured blue vessels. The reason may be understood by Dr. West's discoveries: Pressing on the painful place of injury prevented the collection of Trapped Plasma Proteins (TPPs). This allowed my body to heal an injury in minutes that would otherwise have taken days...until the slower-acting lymphatics might have removed the TPPs. In addition, I think that without the point holding process, some of the TPPs may have become encrusted or calcified (leading to what doctors call bone spurs) and might never be removed -- unless I applied the process called "point holding" from Body Electronics.

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The Tree of Life

Preventing TPP

Love, Doing Good,
Desire to Give
to Bless Others
More Water, Fruits,
Vegetables, Grains, Fish
(No thirst)

Breathe Deeply &
Exercise Properly
(Enjoy High Energy!)

  The Tree of Death

Causes of TPPs

Shock, Stress, Anger, Greed
Fear, Loss of Temper,
Holding Grudges, Resentment

Tea, Coffee, Liquor, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks, Salt, Sugar, Fat
High-cholesterol foods, too much meat

Shallow Breathing
& Improper Exercise
(Experience Low Energy)