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Cleanse Your Colon, Support Your Health!

* You'll feel better!
* Have more energy!!
* Communicate more easily with the Creator!
* Mind and body will work better!
* Organs and cells will appreciate you!
* Be amazed at all the "stuff" that comes out!
* Shift out of unhealthy eating patterns!
* You'll feel happier. May live longer!
* If the foods you love are not available, it won't matter so much!

Five Basic Cleanses

There are many ways to cleanse. We'll focus on some basic ones:

  1. Cleanse-It. Colon Cleanse from Dr. Bernard Jensen's Forever Young. A bottle has 100 500-mg. capsules of an herbal combination that works well for your introduction to colon cleansing. You don't need to fast. Changing your dietary regime as recommended in the Springreen Program is desired but not required. Drink lots of water. Take 2 to 4 capsules in the morning or at night on an empty stomach. Continue till the bottle is empty. Then discontinue for at least three or four weeks. Capsules contain Burdock Root, Milk Thistle, Yellow Dock Root, Mullein, Flax Seed Powder, L. Acidophilus, Dandelion Root, Corn Silk, Sarsaparilla, Fig Pectic, Aloe Vera, Wild Yam, Fenugreek, Cascara Sagrada, Pau D'Arco, Devil's Claw, Calcium Ascorbate, Juniper Berry, Enzymes Complex.

  2. Springreen (same as Vitra-Tox) Seven-Day Cleansing Program. Jesus is said to have cleansed his colon with a reed. Cleansing the colon is, perhaps, the most important initial step you can take to improve your health! (And this is one of the best programs there is.) Most people have up to 10 or more pounds of encrusted fecal matter stuck on the walls of their colon. It interferes with the proper elimination of toxins from all the cells of the body, via the major eliminative systems of the body -- including colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin. When your colon is clean, you'll feel (and be) lighter, have more energy, be healthier! You'll get better results from the other healthy things you do -- exercise, massage, stretching, praying, meditating, for example! For optimal results, do the cleanse a first time for seven days. Then resume normal patterns for a month. Follow with another seven-day cleanse, and take a month-long break. Follow with a third seven-day cleanse. For maintenance, think of the cleanse as a continuing process, and do it four times a year, as the seasons change. Until encrusted fecal matter is removed from the colon, no drugs, operations, vitamins, food supplements, and/or massage or bodywork can free the body of chronic ailments. The program, recommended for everyone at least two to four times a year, is designed to give glands and organs a much-needed rest. How-to's: Eat nothing for seven days other than as specified; you'll be getting the nutrients you need to support the cleansing program! Whenever hungry, drink an 8-oz. glass of water. Be sure to drink at least one gallon of water a day whether or not you feel hungry. Plenty of water is essential to support cleansing.

    You Will Need: 1) One empty pint jar with a tight cover. 2) Your choice of juice -- orange, grape, pineapple or apple. Two tablespoons mixed with 1/4 cup of water. One bottle each of the following five Springreen items: 3) #83 - Wheat germ oil. 4) #77 - Detoxificant. 5) #79 -- Intestinal cleanser. 6) #30 Springreen. 7) #87 -- Vitamin C. 8) One of the following: Enema bag with regular colonic tip, home Colema Board, or colonic from a professional colon therapist. Optional: 9) #79A -- Herb tablets. 10) #88 -- Dehydrated beet juice. 11) One infant rectal syringe. 12) One cup high-grade olive oil.

    The Cleanse: The evening before starting the program, take two #79A-Herb tablets. To more thoroughly eliminate fecal accumulation, use the baby rectal syringe to slowly inject one cup of olive oil into the rectum. Massage the bowel gently and try to retain the oil until morning. It's a good idea to have an enema or colonic in the morning to make sure the lower colon has emptied.

    Each Day for 7 Days: 1) Pour about one inch of your favorite fruit juice into the pint jar to prevent the mixture from jelling too quickly. It also adds flavor to your drink. 2) Add at least 10 ounces of water. 3) Add 1 tablespoon of #77 -- Detoxificant. 4) Add 1 heaping teaspoon of #79 -- Intestinal cleanser. 5) Replace the cover and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. 6) Drink quickly. Follow with clear water.

    1 hour after the above, take: One capsule #83 -- Wheat germ oil; 6 tablets #30 -- Springreen; 1 tablet #87 -- Vitamin C; 2 tablets #88 -- Dehydrated beet juice. If you weigh 150 lbs. or less, repeat four times a day, three hours apart; if over 150 lbs., repeat five times a day, three hours apart.

    Over the day, you will consume at least 24 Springreen tablets, 4 Wheat germ oil capsules, 4 Vitamin C tablets and 8 Dehydrated beet juice tablets. Remember to drink lots of water!

    Once you're two or three days into the program, you'll have loosened generous amounts of encrusted fecal matter. There's so much, it'll have difficulty getting out! See a colonic therapist -- someone who will help you clean the colon by flushing clean water into it many times over an hour-long treatment. As the water comes out, you'll be amazed how dirty it is...and all the clumps and "balls" of stuff that come out! After you experience what this process is like, you may want to learn to do it for you can clean your colon maybe once a week for awhile. The colema board is a home-based system that you can safely and easily give yourself to clean your colon for many years. Either a colonic, done by a professional, or a self- administered colema, is a perfect complement to an efficient cleanse such as the Spring Green one...or even Dr. Jensen's Cleanse It. Colema how-to's: Once you're lying in the correct position, you'll relax and massage the abdomen and colon. Massage will improve results. Use a five-gallon bucket -- and white in color so you can tell how much water remains. Call The Wellhouse Center at 608 846 4826 in Madison, Wis. to get your Colema Board and learn to do a Colema.

    The water temperature for the Colema should be comfortable. Optional additions to the water of a colema: Coffee: 3 tablespoons of ground coffee in 1 quart of water. Bring to a boil and simmer 15 minutes. Strain thru strainer or cloth and put in 5-gallon bucket. Add water to fill. Or... Epsom Salts: 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts dissolved in 5 gallons of water. Or... Lemon Juice: 1/4 cup strained in 5 gallons of water. Or... Garlic: 4 cloves of garlic. Blend for 10 seconds with 1 cup of hot water. Strain and add cup of #77 -- detoxificant. Pour in bucket and fill with water. Or... for a calming effect, Catnip: 2 cups of catnip. Boil in 2 cups of water for 3 minutes. Strain. Add and fill 5-gallon bucket with water.

    After the 7th Day: 1) As you resume normal eating, eliminate from your diet anything containing bleached whole wheat or bleached and refined white flour. Eliminate anything with artificial color or flavor, corn syrup or refined sugars. Instead, use whole wheat, stone ground or sprouted whole wheat flour and molasses or honey. 2) Eat a large raw vegetable salad daily and one cooked leafy vegetable. 3) Use fresh and raw fruits in season between meals and for desserts. 4) Half of your food intake should be fresh and raw. Gradually increase. Be sure to eat something raw at each meal. Otherwise, augment the meal with Greenlife tablets. 5) Cook, bake or steam all vegetables on the raw side. 6) If you still eat beef, cook it rare. Broil fish on one side only. Cook eggs softly. 7) Eat melons between meals. 8) Drink water generously between meals only. (Drinking water during meals dilutes digestive enzymes in mouth and stomach.) 9) Exercise! Well-balanced blood must be oxygenated. Walk, walk, walk. 10) Continue to use #77 -- Detoxificant and #79 -- Intestinal cleanser -- morning and evening as daily maintenance. Many people use the #77 and #79 mixture every morning for years as in the cleansing program. Helps build and maintain bowel regularity. 11) For best results, take the following each day for two or three months, then reduce to amounts on label: 18 tablets of #33 -- Springreen - Fortified; 21 tablets of #30 -- Springreen; 6 tablets of #88 -- Dehydrated beet juice; 3 capsules of #83 -- Wheat germ oil; 6 tablets of #84 -- Enzymatic supplement; 3 tablets #87 -- Vitamin C.

    Good Reading: V. E. Irons' interviews in the Healthview Newsletter (Issue #1 and #10) on bowel problems. #1 costs $4 + $1 shipping; #10, $2 + $1 shipping. The Destruction of Your Own Natural Protective Mechanism, by V. E. Irons, who discusses social, philosophical and spiritual ideas that have led to the degradation and destruction of the "civilized" man's Natural Protective Mechanism, the colon. Roger's Recovery from AIDS, by Bob Owen. Explains how Dr. Bob Smith -- using natural means available to anyone and without drugs -- helped his patient return to abundant health after being diagnosed with AIDS. 212-page paperback - $10 + $3 shipping. Dr. Anne's Journal, by Robert Lloyd, Ph.D. A factual novel that describes the fight for freedom to heal yourself. 420-page hardbound, $16.95 + $3 shipping. A Guide to Living Foods -- Recipes to prepare live foods and instruction to bake bread properly, $5.95 + $4 shipping. Dining in the Raw, by Rita Romano, at your favorite bookstore.

  3. Two-Day Liver Flush: Drink only juice of organic apples for two days. (It's okay to eat the apples.) The second night at bedtime, mix 4 oz. olive oil (whole-pressed virgin) with 4 oz. of juice from lemon and grapefruit. Drink it, go to bed and lie on your right side. One-half hour later, repeat the same. In the morning, you should poop black, lime or pea-green stuff. (The green is bile.) Take at least one colonic or colema daily. Also take a colonic if you feel nauseous. Depending on toxicity, repeat in several weeks. Otherwise, do it two or three times a year. It is particularly effective in conjunction with a three-day SOS Flush.

  4. SOS Flush. Three-day flush gathers lymphatic residues into the colon, where they are purged. Don't plan to be too productive; you'll need to be near a bathroom. Each day upon arising, drink the mixture of one teaspoon of sodium hydroxide in an 8-oz. glass of water. Every half hour, drink an 8-oz. glass of juice blended from grapefruit, oranges and lemons. (Prepare juice for the whole day in the morning. Blend three grapefruit, five oranges, and two lemons. You may have nearly a gallon by blending the pulpy part of the citrus with the juice. By the end of the day, you'll have drunk it all.) If you're real toxic, repeat in four weeks. Otherwise, do it three times a year.

    To support your body's cleanse, 1) If you feel ill, Activated Charcoal Powder has massive adsorptive power to move toxins out during cleansing. 2) Take the super-antioxidant Microhydrin -- especially during cleansing -- to quickly neutralize free radicals liberated by the cleanse. 3) Questions and Support: Call The Wellhouse Center at 608 846 4826.

  5. Parasite Cleanse. The objective is to rid parasites from the large intestine and from other tissues. Take Nature's Sunshine's ParaCleanse late in the evening -- at least three hours after eating. To be sure you kill all the eggs, do it every day for 10 days on. Take five days off. Continue for 10 days on and five days off for at least three months.

    Finally... These herbs support cleansing the colon and other organs: 1) Aloe Vera Juice - 2 oz., three times a day.
    2) White Oak Bark - 1 cup, three times a day.
    3) Licorice Root - for Adrenals
    4) Cedar Berries - for Pancreas
    5) Myrtle Leaves - for Spleen