Best Time to Heal is Before Illness Comes Knocking

Learn Ways with Omar, Master Healer, 39 Years of Experience

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Mind / Body / Spirit Healings


  • Increase Energy, Improve Quality of Life
  • Improve How People Feel & Function
  • Deepen Peace of Mind
  • Nip Health Challenges in Bud
  • Strengthen Relationships


Unsolicited Testimonials




The Journey to Inner Peace & Acceptance feels pretty darn good right now. Thanks for all that you are & all that you do. – MJP, Breath Is Best

You Are a True Healer, a healer I can learn a lot from. I’m glad we connected. I felt much more empowered when I got home from my session. You did a really great job. – S. L., Rochelle IL

Feel Like a Million DollarsFeeling awesome – all 10 gazillion cells firing – energy flowing – was a 21-hour day & never felt tired – actually made myself go to bed & sleep for awhile. Positive effects continue as it has been a very busy week & here it is – 4 am (went to bed at 11 pm), up & at it again. Your gift IS truly Amazing! Peace, Love, Blessings… K.K., Shiocton WI

Who Needs Pain Killers … When you have God and Omar working together? – D.S., Madison

You Gave Me a Light Show… I’ve never seen so much purple, highest Spiritual color. – SMS, Stoughton WI


Now That Was Fun. Still detoxing. WOW! – D.K., Twin Cities
Can’t Thank You Enough… For the amazing experiences I’ve had after your healing session! They exceed my expectations! A rapid expansion pulsation of energy. I’ve just had some great synchronicities. And my home life is awesome! – J.S., Cincinnati


Usually When I Get Energy Work… It lasts for a little while. Your work has had deep, lasting effects for the two months since I saw you. Sadness is lighter. Walking through my life, I feel lighter & happier. – S.A.S., New York

Today Was the Best Day of My Life and it only gets better from here. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I will be referring healers to your workshops!! – C.G., Minneapolis

There’s a Very Deeper Sense… Of evenness & peace in my being. Very unusual for my body to feel so good. Each session has had a profound effect. I plan to start a diary & get monthly sessions. – J.G., P.T., Madison

You Said I’d ‘Ramp Up’ to a Whole New Level. “Well, I think we can say that after my last session!” – P. S., Madison

Needed to Clear… I really needed to clear out the mental junk & reconnect with source. These are difficult times. You really put me back in my shoes. I feel empty & open, which means full. – L.D., Appleton WI

I Feel 100 Times Better… Couldn’t move my hips before, could probably do a head stand now. – F. D., MN

I’m Really Starting to Get the Things You Teach… This spiritual stuff has quite a learning curve, at least for me. Sooooooo grateful for you. Love, A.F., Columbus OH

Love Doctor… You got $450 for the three 60-minute sessions. I’d like to give you $4,500! I’ve Got Enough Love for a Continent & You Helped Out! Your Powers of Suggestion are off the charts. – T.C., Petaluma CA

Did More Than… Three years of seeing a psychiatrist with lots of drugs. I really mean it! – H.H., Milwaukee

Waves of Clearing… Phenomenal! I’ve been experiencing waves of clearing and deepening awareness. You’ve created a unique, cutting-edge healing system that I wish everyone could experience! – R.C., New York

Rivals Japanese Masters… I’m impressed with how thoroughly you cleared me out in 20 minutes! I studied intensively with Japanese masters for two years; you did more in 20 minutes that what they could do in an hour. – C.A., Calgary

Price Is for Years of Experience… You’re in the top of your form. Reminds me of Picasso. Drawing a sketch of someone took 20 minutes. “How much?” “$10,000,” he said. “But it only took you 20 minutes!” “No, it took 40 years & 20 minutes.” – L.K., Madison

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