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Improving the World, One Person at a Time



“Everything Is Energy,” Said Einstein

Pg. 1 Everything in the Universe Is Energy

2        What It Means for You, Your Family, Your Organization

3          Einstein & YOU: Short Course on Energy Healing

4 & 5   First There Is Spirit


I Serve You, Your Organization as Therapist

To Improve How You Feel, Function

6        What Are Your Healing Objectives?

7        Turbo-Charge Your Energy Level

8          I Feel Good Scale

9          Synthesizing 50 Modalities

10         World-Class Transformational Experiences

11          10 Power Points: How The Einstein Method Excels

12       Best of East and West: Integrating World-Class Therapies

13        Is This the Self-Help Facilitation You Seek?

14        Feelin’ Is Believin’: Photos of Before- and After-Session

15          Testimonials, Combatting Disease Naturally

16         Clean Two Windows, Feel What Happens


As Teacher, Workshop Leader

17       Einstein Method Workshops

18         School for Energy and Light Workers

19         Featured Speaker


My Biography

20       76 Years of Healthy Living Launch Next Even Better Ones to Come


Let’s Get Started

21, 22 Personal Consent Form: Identify Your Healing Objectives

23    The Power of Seven “P’s” for Mind, Body, Organization


Let’s Talk Marketing

24         Wellness Centers & Professionals: Earn as You Learn!

25         Promotional Ideas for Sponsors

26,27               Sample Promotion

28          Associates Join Me to Support Personal and World Transformation!

              Sample Calendar