An approach to alternative medicine that focuses on diagnosis & treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially spine.


The New Chiropractic

C- Clinical: Energy attunements empower effects of existing chiropractic practices

H–Holistic: Multi-dimensional Mind/Body/Spirit/Energy approaches

I– Inherent: Treating patient as a microcosm of the cosmic macrocosm

R–Relational: Addressing one context to support healing everywhere else

O–Optimal: Synergizing w/energy accentuates effects of mechanical approaches

P–Perfectionary: Adopting Kaizen, the principle of continuous improvement

R–Rational: Learning to explain the logic & practice of new methods acquired

A–Aptitudinal: Taking workshops and practicing

C–Compounding: Sharing w/patients, also experiencing benefits in own Mind/Body

T–Tautological: Connecting w/Cosmic Wisdom, checking intuition w/ patients

I- Interpreting: Teaching patients self care exercises

C- Cautionary: Practicing w/expectation that patients will express strong approval


Einstein Methods

E–Energy: Everything is Energy. New Chiropractic raises low frequencies

I– Intuitive: Learning to scan aura fields in various strata

N–Nuclear: Understanding, explaining the science of atoms, DNA, nerves

S–Spiritual: Miracles are based on Universal principles of Science & Math

T–Teamwork: When stymied, apprenticing as both work with patient

E–Efficacious: Multi-dimensional approaches work with no counter indications

I–Immensely Rewarding as virtually all patients affirm efficacies

N–Nerves, Neurons, Synapses, Glial Cells are recognized keys in cell functioning


M–Magnificent Milestones: Unique sessions grow from principles now understood

E– Energizing Epiphanies: High-Energy, DC’s release ego, are “right on”

T– Talking Tall: You know something because you feel it

H– Hearty Healers: Might raising frequencies anywhere help heal the planet?

O– Obviously ON: How could I have not perceived this obvious insight before?

D– Delightful Dalliance: Continuous improvement delights Soul in … all cells?

S- Sensorially Salubrious: Supporting palpable increase in Energy, Joy, Love…


With Love & Healing Touch…