Healthcare Realities


Employer-sponsored premiums for “health care” rose modest 3% to $16,834 average in 2014. Insuring mostly against illness and catastrophe, if costs compound at 3% annually, many companies will be forced out of business; this average could double to $33,668 in 24 years!
What will the imminent passing of the Trans-Pacific Trade Bill do to our job markets as our already-bankrupting medical costs continue to increase?

Chiropractic to the Rescue! An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure. Medical care’s honorable philosophy supports relieving pain, suffering. On battlefields, it’s humanitarian. In our competitive world, it’s dysfunctional. Chiropractic addresses pre-medical conditions. Now’s the time to “charge it with steroids” by integrating Energy Work! The mantra of 76 million retiring baby boomers: “I want the Good Life, and I want it now.” Let’s give them our best, “save their day” over coming decades.


Energy Is Our Universal Currency. Learn in a few hours how to increase Vibrational Frequencies that improve your already-effective adjustments.


Here’s betting you’ll be among the first of 50,000 practicing U.S. chiropractors to apply the multiplying power of Energy!


I’m a Synergist Who Loves Science & I Love to Teach! Over 39 years, 75,000 hours of practice, I’ve learned to combine hundreds of techniques to increase Energy Frequencies in Human Mind / Body while simultaneously describing what I’m doing. We’ll focus on giving you foundational understanding of Basic Energy Principles. Soon you’ll invent & discover your own array of techniques!


Is not a fee of $100 dirt cheap, considering that you learn to work with the Language of the Universe to Super Charge Your Practice? This is a summer special; God Willing, fee soon increases. Join a group of DC’s to playfully practice Raising Vibrational Frequencies to Support Mind / Body Healing!

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