Background – Howard C Nelson “Omar”

Born Jan. 3, 1939 Spokane, WA, graduated Willamette Univ. Salem OR, 1960 BA Social Sciences / Journalism. Graduated Columbia Univ. New York, 1962 MS Journalism. Peace Corps Volunteer Chile 1964 – 66, fluent in Spanish. Married Gloria Luz Corvalan in Chile 1965, happily married 50 years 10/17/15. Associate editor Credit Union Magazine 1967–74. Started business that became Omar’s Touch Therapy in 1976, with 75,000 hours of practice synthesizing Massage, Reiki, an expansive array of natural healing modalities.


Objective Is to discover & share world’s best multi-dimensional systems that raise energetic frequencies in Human Mind & Body. Einstein Methods integrate an infinite number of applications of E = mc2 to improve how people feel & function. As Teacher/Therapist/Coach/Consultant, I serve Chiropractors, Naturopathic
Doctors, Holistic Nurses, G.P’s, Others
, as well as outstanding Businesses, Churches, Non-Profits, Everyone. I’m first committed to my own integrity & wholeness & that of my family — a quest starting 36 years ago when at age 40, I was afflicted with scoliosis, chronic lower back pain, respiratory challenges, low energy, dysfunctional joints. Am now healed!!


Mission Statement


  • To share Einstein Methods principles with Chiropractors & Others to improve their lives, relationships, practices & businesses by suggesting more expansive marketing via World Census Summaries. To entertain the vision that together, we’ll touch a billion lives for good.


Your Objective Is to Improve Services, Increase Revenues

* Sponsor New Chiropractic Workshops, * Sponsor New Chiropractic Treatments,

* Establish New Chiropractic Profit Center in Your Clinic, * Refer Others to My Workshops & Sessions, * Sponsor Reiki I, II, III/Mastery Attunements, * 10% of My New Chiropractic Revenues Will Reward Brilliant Ideas to Improve the Chiropractic Profession, Do Research, or Put Videos on YouTube. Let’s discuss.


Inexpensive Way to Do Research


Identify one or more Healing Objective, identify “control” person who does nothing. Experimental person gets adjustments, gets five two-hour Einstein Method sessions, feeds body Superb Nutrition, cleanses colon, commits to practice Einstein Methods. We’ll compare outcomes from time to time.


2015 Holistic Expos Where I’ll Connect w/Chiropractors

Janesville JUL 18 & 19, Marion AUG 8 & 9, Skokie AUG 15 & 16, Cleveland AUG 29 & 30, Wheaton SEP 12, Columbus SEP 19 & 20, Indianapolis SEP 26 & 27, Eau Claire OCT 10 & 11, Minneapolis OCT 17 & 18, Fargo OCT 31 & NOV 1, Detroit NOV 7 & 8, Mankato NOV 14 & 15.


Favorite Books


A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. Eckhart Tolle

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. don Miguel Ruiz

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Stephen R. Covey

The Holy Bible. King James & Other Versions

The Power of NOW: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Eckhart Tolle

You Can Have It All. Arnold Patent




Cosmology, Metaphysics, Religion, Science, Therapeutic Healing & Teaching