Death & Mortality: Can New ChiropracticChiropractic with Einstein Integrations – Make a Difference?

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Reports

Number U.S. deaths                        2,596,993

Death rate                                       821.5 deaths per 100,000 population

Life expectancy                                78.8 years

Infant mortality rate                       5.96 deaths per 1,000 live births


Deaths by Leading Cause                  Positive Outcomes w/New Chiropractic

Heart disease                                                611,105                     YES

Cancer                                                           584,881                     YES

Chronic lower respiratory disease             149,205                      YES

Accidents (unintentional injuries)               130,557                      YES   

Stroke (cerebrovascular disease)               128,978                      YES

Alzheimer’s disease                                       84,767                      YES

Diabetes                                                          75,578                      YES

Influenza & Pneumonia                                  56,979                      YES

Nephritis, nephritic syndrome, nephrosis    47,112                      YES

Intentional self-harm (suicide)                       41,149                     YES


New Chiropractic applies Einstein Methods integrations, uses video as a learning tool, supports scientific research.

Goal: To improve Life, Liberty & Happiness for Billions of People


Treatment Integrations, Examples

Causes of Death       Chiropractic                   Plus Einstein Integrations

Heart Disease           Thoracic Adjustments  Kidneys & Hearts EM, VC, TGEO, BE

Cancer                       Adjustments                  pH, VC, TGEO, BE

Respiratory Disease  Thoracic Adj.               Kidneys & Lungs EM, VC, TGEO, BE

Stroke                       Cervical Adj.                  Bladders & Gall Bladders EM, VC, TGEO

Alzheimer’s Disease Cervical Adj.                 Central, Governing EM, VC, TGEO, BE

Diabetes, Nephritis Solar Plexus Adj.           Vagus & Sciatic Nerves EM, VC, TGEO

Pneumonia                Thoracic Adj.               Kidneys & Lungs EM, VC, TGEO, BE

Suicide                       Cervical Adj.                Central & Governing EM, VC, TGEO, BE


Other Common Afflictions

Acid Reflux                Thoracic Adj.               pH, Vagus Nerve EM, TGEO

Arthritis                     Adjustments                 pH, All-Chakra EM, TGEO

Endocrine Problems Adjustments                pH, TGEO, BE, Vagus Nerve EM

Eye Problems            Cervical Adj.                Cervical EM, TGEO

Headaches                 Cervical Adj.               pH, Vagus Nerve EM, TGEO, BE

Neurological Probs. Adjustments                 pH, Vagus Nerve EM, TGEO, VC, BE


ADJ                Chiropractic Adjustments

BE                   Body Electronics – sustained acupressure, nutrient saturation, emotional release

pH                   Body Chemistry

EM                  Einstein Methods, synthesizing hundreds of multi-dimensional modalities

TGEO             Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

VC                  Visualization & Consciousness Exercises