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Integrate Einstein Methods w/Adjustments, Improve Effectiveness!

Everything is ENERGY. Let’s Play w/the Language of the Universe


What:       Seven Einstein Methods to Support Chiropractic Adjustments

When:        Fri., Jul. 10. Orientation 9 –10 am, workshop 10 to 4 w/brief break.

Where:      Lake Harriet Spiritual Comm., 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis

Limit:        18 registrants

Fee:           $100 – Orientation plus Hands-On Workshop (bring massage table if you have one). To assure you’re “in,” mail

                  check to: Omar, 905 Lorraine Dr, Madison WI 53705

                  Okay to post-date it 30 days. Two or more registrants – 10% off.


  1. Drain Tension from Hard-to-Adjust Vertebrae, Entire Spine.
  2. KEY to Einstein Energy Work — the secret to raise low energetic frequencies where low to support optimal healing for Mind & Body.
  3. What Reflex Points to Hold so tension quickly drains from vagus and/or sciatic nerves to support deep relaxation, recharge all cells of Mind/Body.
  4. Proportional Math — How to focus on a problem while working elsewhere.
  5. Meridians – How to recharge long & short energy channels, feel the “buzz” of High-Frequency Love Energy from head to toe.
  6. Power of Sacred Word — How to address “Neurons,” “Pineal,” “Right Kidney,” “Left Hip,” whatever, by name. We’ll activate Natural Healing in Bones, DNA, Glands, Joints, Muscles, Nerves, Neurons, Organs, Tendons, Vertebrae, etc. Where are your own problem spots?
  7. Subconscious Mind — How to work with the BIG-POWER albeit childlike Mind requiring positive direction from Conscious Mind to prolong & compound beneficial adjustments over a period of days & weeks.


You’ll soon supercharge your practice with Einstein Methods. The New Chiropractic works with the Language of the Universe! Brief before / after-adjustment application of digital pressure at specific reflex points facilitate superb adjustments, also share effects throughout the Mind & Body! What you do pays the bills. A few calibrations will create Pure Profit! Come with associates, bring camera. Open-minded skeptics are welcome!

Learn to Work with Energy to Improve Adjustment Ease, Effectiveness


Also accepting private appointments for one or several persons at once at $100/hour July 10 after workshop,

also on July 11 & 12.


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