Top 30 Modalities

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Top 30 (or so) Modalities that Synergistically ‘Play Together’ To Account for Einstein Methods Effects   E = mc2: When Light with Electro-Magnetic Energy “Love” (c2) inherent in it are applied to low-frequency tension (m) in Mind & Body, tension … Continued

Strategic Concepts

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The Einstein Method Uses and Synergistically Integrates 14 Strategic Concepts to Support Personal Healing and Transformation O   Oils: Applying Essential Oils Activates Healing Vibrations. M   Multi-Dimensional: Integrating Mind, Body, and Spiritual Energy. – F   Fountains of Light: Enhancing Flow of Auric and Etheric … Continued

What’s Unique About The Einstein Method

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    Connects You with “Spirituality” — Infinite Sources of Light, Love and Infinite Healing Power  Opens Human Hearts to Love Integrates 50 Empowering Modalities for the Price of One Based on Science and Mathematics Empowers Cells with High-Vibe Energy … Continued

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