Let Me Guess…

You’re surfing sites like this because you have an ache or pain in your body — or a relationship challenge with yourself, God, someone or something else that’s troubling you. Spirit calls you to explore natural healing. You may take supplements, get massages, and you want to know more!…

Describes a system of natural healing developed by me, a Nordic type named Omar. I’ve been on a natural healing path for 30 years – started in 1976! May I take you by the hand to share what excites me? Perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate how well The Einstein Method works!

First, Some Details of My Life:

About 36 years ago, when I was in my early 40’s in the early 1980’s, I knew I’d better get my act together. I had…

  • Acute lower back pain that made it uncomfortable to sit. Going through high school in the early 1950’s, and afterward, I was a big slouch. My back hurt constantly. It was hard to stay long in any sitting position.
  • Hay fever for six weeks every spring, since graduating from high school in 1956.
  • Viral pneumonia for a sixth consecutive year, for six weeks each fall – started in my late 30’s.
  • A weak, achy left knee, which started starting in my 30’s, when I jogged in street shoes. After about three years, the knee ached most of the time.
  • About the same time, my left ankle started giving out and dumping me on the ground.
  • During the years I worked at CUNA, Inc., 1964 – 74, my energy was low much of the time. After eating lunch, I felt so fatigued, I took daily naps, sometimes while sitting at my desk and pretending to work. Fortunately, I did well enough the rest of the time, I got big annual raises!

But Health-Wise, I Was Not a Happy Camper!

If you spend time on this site, you will discover what happened and how my path of growth may benefit you!

In Loving Touch… Omar
P.S. Please explore this site a little at a time, as you might read a good book. It’s taken nearly four decades to figure out what’s here, and I still work at it each day.