What Interests Compel You?

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Areas UP for Positive Change Basic Needs: Clothing, food, housing, infrastructures, jobs, physical space, reproduction, transportation, water… Cataclysms: What to do before a meteor/tsunami comes, Yellowstone erupts… Children, Youth: Attitudes, media influence, stressed-out cultures… Crisis Recovery: Conflicts, crime, refugees, storms, … Continued

Meeting the Needs of Others

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What does everyone in (town, city, county, state) need? What does almost everyone in (town, city, county, state) want? How can we develop the market / service relating to what everyone or almost everyone in (town, city, county, state) needs … Continued

What Does Your Heart Desire?

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Relax in Loving Spirit. What Does Your Heart Desire? Einstein Methods Reiki (EMR) synthesizes at least 25 important modalities (therapeutic systems) – more accurately an infinite number, considering that Spirit presents something new in each session! EMR integrates all three … Continued

Ways to Call in Higher Power

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Accompany the technique that you choose – 10 ways are listed at bottom of document — with a swinging techniques to mentally let go! A Swinging Technique separates your Conscious Mind from your Energetic Body to help you release ego-based … Continued

Went Unconscious 10 29 15

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Living Love Lesson 1 I got a duzzie of a lesson in the School of Hard Knocks 10 29 15 when I wiped out on my bike, awoke from unconsciousness in a hospital emergency room to hear “we’re giving you … Continued

Client Misses Appointment

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What I wrote to someone who cancelled her appointment at the last moment:   And God Saw that EVERYTHING Is GOOD! “I accept all your definitions and statements as representing your Perfection in Highest Truth. “Truly, each person is responsible … Continued

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