Multi-Dimensional Natural Healing May Work Wonders for You!



    • As physical beings, we rely on energy from Spiritual Sources –  Light from the Sun and Stars.
    • We may  choose to also work in the name of Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Confucius or…
    • During your session, points are identified for you to breathe in Chi / Prana / Qi — the High-Vibrating LOVE of Creator, into Mind and Body — and where to release it so that larger, more powerful waves of healing energy may flow into, through and out from you! Universal LOVE does not manifest as a single wave but as a Wave System — an infinite succession of waves that continually flow and ebb wherever they can go in and out, in and out, in and out. Understand?
    • Helps to practice non-judgmental Unconditional LOVE toward energies relating to your Life’s stressors, because when you don’t, or haven’t, packed energy is created that blocks in-flowing, out-going Waves of love. Non-resistant LOVE melts them! We’ll practice letting go of resisting life’s stressful feeling energies!
    • Learn to use your MIND to visualize Source LIGHT. Train Your Mind to Receive waves of LOVING, HEALING energy, and let them go out again. We’ll show you where to breathe them in and release them from your mind and body, according to what physical, mental, emotional, energetic, relationship healing you seek.
    • We’ll add a few other ingredients, naturally!


“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure.” It’s best to address challenges before you have a diagnosable medical condition.


Strategic Concepts

The Einstein Method
Uses and Synergistically Integrates
14 Strategic Concepts to Support
Personal Healing and Transformation

O   Oils: Applying Essential Oils Activates Healing Vibrations.

M   Multi-Dimensional: Integrating Mind, Body, and Spiritual Energy.

F   Fountains of Light: Enhancing Flow of Auric and Etheric Energies.

R   Releasing Tension: Channeling Tension Out of Mind, Body, Aura.

E   Essentials: Preparing with Water, Nutrients, and Mental Practices.

E   Elimination and Cleansing, to Support Natural Healing Processes.


H   Holistic and Sacred: Invoking Higher Power Consciousness.

O   Om: Using Nurturing Touch and Sound, to Raise Cellular Energy/Health.

M   Matrix: Activating Release at Up to 97 Points in Each Dimension, Level.

E   Emotional Clearing: Releasing Blocked Emotions, to Awaken Love.

F   Fire: Holding Points with Sustained Pressure, to Drain Inflammation.

R   Reiki: Raising Vibrating Energies with Reiki, Mari-El, and Kofutu.

E   Exercises: Encouraging Home Practice – Breathing and Visualizing.

E   Energy Patterns! Opening Chakras, Meridians, Reflexes and All Energy Pathways. Our Bodies’ Natural Ability to Heal Will Flourish!




What’s Unique About The Einstein Method



    • Connects You with “Spirituality” — Infinite Sources of Light, Love and Infinite Healing Power
    •  Opens Human Hearts to Love
    • Integrates 50 Empowering Modalities for the Price of One
    • Based on Science and Mathematics
    • Empowers Cells with High-Vibe Energy to Support Natural Health and Healing
    • World-Class — Among the World’s Best Supports for Natural Healing

With many sub-documents. Take your time to read and ponder as you understand…



The Einstein Method:

Designed to Improve How You Feel, Function and

Make Sense of the Nonsense of Our Physical World