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    Omar’s Touch Therapy

    905 Lorraine Drive
    Madison, WI 53705-1133
    Cell: 608 658 6718

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    Omar is most commonly a Mid-Eastern name.  I'm Omar, a Nordic type, who's developed a system of natural healing while on a personal natural healing path since 1976.  I'm eager to tell you about The Einstein Method -- Multi-dimensional (Mind - Body - Spirit) healing system!

    Omar, 'Wounded Healer'

    Few outstanding healers are born healers, and there aren't many schools that teach people the arts and sciences of effective natural healing.  I have a B.A. in social sciences / journalism (Willamette Univ. 1960), an M.S. in journalism (Columbia Univ. 1962) and almost a PhD in journalism (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison).  Thirty some years ago, in 1980, when I was 41 years old, I had no premonition that I would be a healer!  The nudge in that direction came because several health challenges were becoming acute.

    • Lower back pain made it uncomfortable to sit still.  In high school in the early 1950’s, a slouching position was most comfortable -- for about a minute.  My lower back hurt constantly.  It was impossible to remain for long in any one position.
    • Hay fever afflicted me for six weeks each spring from the time I graduated from high school in 1956.
    • Viral pneumonia debilitated me for six consecutive years -- for six weeks each fall, starting in my late 30’s.
    • A weak, achy left knee started in my 30’s, because I enjoyed jogging in street shoes on Madison streets.  After about three years, my knee ached most of the time.
    • About the same time, my left ankle weakened, sometimes dumping me on the ground.
    • During the years I worked at CUNA, Inc., 1964 – 74, my energy was low every day after lunch.  Most days, I took daily snoozes at my desk, pretending to work.  Fortunately, I excelled as an editorial feature writer for Credit Union Magazine, got 10 per cent merit raises plus 10 per cent cost-of-living raises for about five years.  (Had I been smart financially, I would have kept the job till retirement, but my restless Body and Spirit had other plans.

    Health-Wise, I Was Not a 'Happy Camper'

    Spend time with  Maybe you'll discover some insights that benefit you!

    In Support for Wellness....        Omar

    P.S. Explore the site as you might read a good book, a little at a time.  It's taken three and a half decades to figure out how to do The Einstein Method, and I'm still working on it.   Since October 2012, for the first time, I can immediately post updates to the web so there'll be new stuff to report as I discover going forward to 2014 and beyond.


    Omar’s Touch Therapy
    905 Lorraine Drive, Madison, WI 53705-1133
    Cell: 608 658 6718.  eMail:  

    Omar's Touch Therapy