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Tension Release to Improve How You Feel and Function


Einstein Methods by Omar

Most people have aches, pains, tightness, discomfort and energy blocks in body and mind, affecting energy levels, functionality and relationships with people, jobs, situations and experiences. One way to deal with discomfort is to “reach for a pill.” Pills may work for awhile, to a degree. If the problem returns, it’s because pills often don’t clear the energy blocks that cause dysfunctions. And while they may temporarily improve one condition, counter-indications may arise.

An advanced Holistic Approach, which some describe as Energy “Medicine,” is based on the belief that each person’s mind and body is a Natural Healing System. Energy work helps release inner blockages in Mind and Body that slow the flow of Vital Life Force Energy (Chi), which is designed by nature to flow freely into every cell.

Good News: Blockages to Natural Healing are like road blocks. They’re energetic in nature (hence not permanent)! Energy blockages are made of densified energy – something like what happens when a kid picks up a handful of snow and packs it. Pack it tightly enough, and it becomes a ball of ice. This is like tension! (Light/Energy cannot move freely into and thru ice — or tension.) Tension, as ice, melts quickly when extra Energy/Light is applied!

Even heavily-compacted, crystallized, calcified densifications dissolve when we patiently hold and press on tense, painful points to restore the flow of Chi.

People starting on a Holistic path may rightfully be wary. It’s important to understand options. And no matter how good a therapy is, it often takes time and patience as nature restores function.

More Good News: Correct methods always work when persistently and faithfully applied. Believing they will work helps a whole lot but may not be essential. “Seeing is Believing.” Better yet, “Believing Is Seeing.” Give me an open-minded skeptic. If s/he is open-minded enough to follow the protocol that usually works, let’s see how long the skepticism remains.

Many different natural, holistic treatments — involving one or more aspects of what is needed to heal naturally — are available nowadays. A problem may respond more quickly if a person does OM-FREE, and acupuncture, and yoga, and … The person becomes more proactive in her / his healing process! That speeds up the process and addresses many aspects of a problem at the same time.

Consider how complex we humans are! Our essence is Multi-Dimensional. Three clusters:

  • Spiritual/Energetic
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Physical


First, all humans are Spiritual and Energetic. While we are Physical in appearance, the power behind all physicality is energy! We are really energy systems — and this is true of all our cells, no matter how they differentiate. It may help to think of ourselves as “little rechargeable batteries.” One meaning of the word “Spiritual” is that energetically, we are not self-recharging. Good health requires that we adopt and perfect spiritual practices so as to improve our ability to draw energy efficiently from external sources – mostly from the Sun, and also from the Moon, Stars, and from the energetically-charged atmosphere.

The essence of Source (God if you will, or any Higher Power word you like) is Light, and the recharging energy we need is both electrical and magnetic. In China, India and other Eastern countries, Vital Life Force Energy is called “Chi,” Ki,” or “Prana.”

Chi is ramped-down Light, traveling at about half the speed of Light inside our every cell and circuit!

Suppose you have a car battery that needs recharging. You’ll need:

  • A recharging battery,
  • Cables to connect the batteries,
  • Good, clean poles!

If the poles are corroded, it doesn’t matter how strong the recharging battery is. Your weak battery cannot take a good charge.

Tension (densified energy) is like corrosion on the different polar points of your mind/body battery that need recharging. If you can quickly and efficiently release tension in the polar energetic recharging centers, you will most likely dramatically increase natural healing function!

Even More Good News: Pain, tightness, and other dysfunctions are our friends not our adversaries. They appear at the points on our mind and body where the polar recharging centers aren’t working properly. They show the location of “corroded poles” that need cleaning so they can take a better recharge. Correcting this problem alone may be enough to restore much natural healing function. In contrast, taking pills that suppress pain is like “killing a Spiritual messenger.” Distracts us from our Spiritual paths.

Healing Naturally is “worth a shot,” isn’t it? Commercial:


Einstein Methods Efficiently Help You Release Humungous Amounts of Tension Quickly

It has evolved through daily practice since 1976. Things have ramped up considerably since the early 1990’s when, after about 14 years of practice, over several days, I received what many recognize as a Gift. Every night for weeks after going to bed, I started releasing my own tension, punctuated with annoying releasing sounds. My wife, who followed the same healing program as I, also made such tension-releasing sounds. We understood what was happening: We were releasing significant amounts of cellular tension!

After several nights, I noticed that my body felt looser and freer. Energy levels were increasing dramatically. While continuing to practice massage, I noticed that clients were starting to release tension thru my body … again accompanied with the now-familiar releasing sounds.

I soon discovered another aspect of the gift: The releasing sounds taught me where to hold, how long to press, and how hard to press. I soon learned to push on points that would bring the greatest amounts of releasing sound. When the releasing sounds slowed, I calibrated by going to new points, pressing deeper, holding longer, and/or changing the vector/direction of pressure.

Thus began what is now at least 15 years of study with a bio-feedback tension-release system. Even better, when I connect with two or more related points – sometimes in distant parts of a client’s mind/body — I noticed that releasing sounds become extraordinarily loud. The tension not only clears from the points being touched but from the whole energetic circuit … like a “family” of interconnecting points that seeks to return the person to more optimal health and function.

There’s a Lot More to Einstein Methods

I’ve learned to integrate more than 50 modalities into one session — including well-known ones like Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Touch for Health, Toning, Calling in Higher Power/… Body Electronics – an amazing modality that I’ve also worked with since the late 1980’s — is an immensely effective system that by itself integrates many modalities.


Body Electronics Taught Me to Facilitate Mind – Body Interconnections

The mind is the instrument of our Free Will whose essence is: Do we choose to resist the Energy involved in an experience or situation, or … Do We Choose to Love (not resist) the Energetic Feelings that accompany life’s inevitable stressors? Perhaps we might say: Do we choose to fear and lock up the Energy that accompanies an experience and our memory of it – or do we choose to Love the fear and Love our resistance to the fear and thus release it?

Creative Law of Metaphysics: We Create What We Resist. There’s a paradox here, because when we resist something, we don’t consciously want to create more if it. This law says we end up with more of what we’d like to have less of.

Liberating Law of Metaphysics: To Release Something, We Must Lovingly Accept Its Energy! I remember it the words Love Liberates! Loving non-resistance restores the dynamic energy flow behind, and hence weakens the power of… Apathy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Pain – the feelings that everyone wants to release. To get rid of them, we have to experience in non-resistance another paradox: We’re going to feel the feelings we want to clear! If we commit to staying in non-resistant Love, the energy cannot and will not long remain locked up. Healing is inevitable! The energy patterns will sooner or later — probably sooner — change from apathy to POWER; from sadness to JOY; from fear to LOVE; from anger to FREEDOM; from pain to INTUITION; and from a sense of foreboding to PEACE and ENTHUSIASM!

In part, we seem to be “caught” in another trap involving paradox. As Physical Beings, we usually have to resist people and things that might harm us physically. Resistance is an essential coping strategy when it comes to dealing with physical stressors in a dangerous world. The pathway to healing is to practice differentiating between the physical dimension, which we often do need to resist, and the energetic dimension, which we’d best not resist unless we want to be unconscious, weak, apathetic, sad, afraid, angry, in pain, and lacking enthusiasm.

Energetically, We Create What We Resist! When we say, “Enough,” we can choose to love our feelings and thus break out of the entrapments of what had seemed our life’s endless dramas – the classic no-win situations that find us all until we learn to stop attracting them.

So There We Have the Key ‘Secret’ to Natural Healing: The way “out” is to differentiate between Physicality, which we may or may not choose to resist — and the Emotional Energy behind it, which we choose to not resist! We choose to be open to life! We choose to practice Loving — not resisting — “negative” Emotional Energies … even while resisting the invasive physical manifestations of Energy plays in life’s endless scenarios!

We give ourselves permission to “play” with Emotional Feelings, including Pain, once we choose to honor our feelings as our best teachers!

  1. To escape unconsciousness and bring in more Consciousness, we practice loving non-resistance to whatever comes up in Consciousness … no matter how scary or painful.
  2. To escape apathy and weakness and bring in more Power, we practice loving non-resistance toward our Weak and Apathetic Energy … no matter how apathetic or disconnected we feel!
  3. To escape sadness and bring in more Joy, we lovingly release resistance toward Sad Energy!
  4. To escape fear and bring in more Love, we lovingly intensify and release Fear Energy!
  5. To escape anger and bring in Gentle Free Expression, we lovingly accept Anger Energy.
  6. To escape pain and bring in higher Intuition, we release resistance to Mental and Physical Pain!
  7. Thus we move toward… Enthusiasm! Eventually, it matters little to us what Energies we experience. As we practice non-resistant Love toward all of them, we master Acceptance.

We thus addressed the seven chakras. Think of a chakra as a “big bay window” that opens your Mind and Body to the Light of God, the Sun, Moon (your favorite Higher Power word goes here!) to allow you to recharge energetically where you need to! When internal organs or glands don’t function with optimal energetic efficiency, it’s time to “get the crud off the Energy poles and switches!”


Einstein Methods integrate such systems as Massage and Reiki (raising energetic vibration in cells), Polarity (reopening energy flow thru the body’s chakras and switches), and dissolving crystals and improving nutrition (Body Electronics)… So That You Will Experience Natural Healing!

You’ll also be given the keys to natural healing that you need to know and apply, based on how your energies are read. All in one session!

Objectives are:

  1. To improve Energetic Recharging from Source, and
  2. To improve the inner flow of Chi thru your various Meridians and all Energy Pathways, so that all cells are in the flow!

Level I helps you balance so you experience of how good you can feel…a good way to start. To hold the balancing, consider Level II. If you’re a veteran of holistic practice, choose Level III.

If you have a serious medical condition, see your doctor — but be wary of re-suppressing pain and other symptoms if you wish to heal the underlying causes. Einstein Methods works solely with natural methods and there are many variables. We cannot guarantee healing – only your satisfaction. Indeed, we will refund any payment if you are not satisfied.

Level I: Powerful Energy Work, Integrating Four Key Healing Principles

  1. Works with your Energy Pathways, as in acupuncture. (No use of needles.)
  2. Restores optimal Energy Patterns inside and outside your body — in the Meridians and other Energy Pathways, and in the various layers of your Auric and Etheric Energy Fields.
  3. Provides a quick path for tension to escape from your Body, Mind and Auric Energy Fields.
  4. Helps open up to 90 or so reflexes in each of the three primary dimensional clusters: * Spiritual/Energetic. * Mental/Emotional. * Physical.

Level II: Applies Level I Psychodynamically to Personal Drama and Trauma to Support Healing at Deep Levels

  1. You’ll be given how-to’s to help prevent re-creating dysfunctional patterns cleared in Level I, by addressing the metaphysics behind the unconscious creation of the problem. We focus on applying two Healing Laws: 1) The Law of Creative Resistance. 2) The Law of Liberating LOVE.

Level III ‘Goes for the Gold’

  1. Finds and releases tension from the Brain — your primary reflex — as you hold troubling images.
  2. Supports your recalling Mental origins for problems, challenges and dysfunctions.
  3. Facilitates your Emotional Releasing of Blocked Energies.
  4. Dissolves calcified crystals/bone spurs, and thus helps you hold Healings.
  5. Encourages you to prepare Nutritionally so you can hold the healing. Small mineral participles and essential nutritional co-factors support revving up of electrons – the energetic particles that “fuel” the atoms, key to all cell activity.

Level IV, Described Elsewhere, Responds to the Requests of People Who Have Already Experienced Levels I, II, & III and Asked for the Next Step. Typical sessions run at least 90 minutes, preferably at least two hours. Three- , four- , and even eight-hour sessions are common. An eight-hour session may be offered in four-hour blocks on each of two days. Productive demo sessions at expos may be relatively brief.

Most people relax deeply and enjoy more awareness, energy and well-being afterward. Others may feel “funky” for a day or two while clearing toxins, before they feel better. If you don’t feel better after several days, please call me. The effects of healing may last indefinitely, depending on attitude, nutrient preparation, lifestyle, exercise, stretching, sleep…

Other Types of Sessions

  • Families: Many children of all ages are especially responsive. An adult should be present.
  • Mentoring/Teaching: Massage, chiropractic, wellness professionals are among best clients.
  • Horses, Dogs and Cats. Started therapeutic touch career in the 1940’s as a boy with pets.
  • Home Clearings: Properties often have dysfunctional energies to clear. Suggestions given.
  • Remote Healings by phone for clients with whom I have already worked. Best done with a Polaroid picture.

Sessions are presented at our home office in Madison, Wis. — and in many other places, including Appleton, Atlanta, Boise, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Honolulu, Jacksonville FL and NC, Marshfield, Melbourne FL, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Naples, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Washington, DC, and Chile, elsewhere in South America, Europe, Asia, or…